Captain Gilbert Christie 1st Bonnyrigg 1946 - 1957

Gilbert _Christiewe have been busy in the research rooms. We dedicate this page to our founding Captain Gilbert (Gibb) Christie who was captain of the 1st Bonnyrigg from 1946 - 1957.


Gilbert Brown Elliot Christie was born 23rd March 1913 in Edgefield - nr Loanhead parents John and Alison (ne : Elliot) Christie. Gilbert's parents were married in Lasswade Church in 1899 by Rev. James A Burdon.

Gilbert _Christie _birth _record

Birth Certificate : 23rd March 1913

From the 1911 Census records - Gibert's parents lived at  2 Mayfield,Edgefield, records show that Gilbert father John was a "contractor" (later records show him as a "Carting, Contractor and Carrier", and had a Son (John) and 2 daughters (Isabella and Sarah).
John's brother George and a servant(Robert) was listed. In 1915 Valuation roll : John Christie was the propiertor of a house, stable, loft and vanshed in Edgefield with an overall yearly rent of £28.

Scotsman _business 4sale

In  August 1915 the business was put up for sale :

Carting, Contractor's and Carrier's Business for Sale Offers are invited for that business carried on by Mr John Christie, Carrier and Carting Contractor, Edgefiled Loanhead, together with the whole plan, horse, lorries, vans, harness and utensils belonging therewith. The businees is a valuable connection and inventories of the the effects may seen by intending offerers in the hands of the the subscriber. 


Sadly in 1919 Gilberts father died at the age of 47. In 1920 valuation roll showed that Mrs Allison Christie was a tenant at 33 Union Park, Bonnyrigg.

In Sept 1937, at the age of 24,Gilbert married Mary Turnbull (42 Stoneybank Terr, Musselburgh). Gilbert a Dispatch Clark lived in 14 Arniston Place, Bonnyrigg.

This street no longer exists in Bonnyrigg today, but from the 1914 OS map it lay behind the Cockpen parish Church halls - being replaced in recent times by Dickson Grove. 

Bonnyrigg _1914_OSMap 

 Scotsman _arniston _place
Scotsman - 1937 : property for sale at Arniston Place

 Cockpen Church Hall (on right) - Dundas Street, Bonnyrigg. Venue for the 1st Bonnyrigg Boys Brigade.Dundas Street


 1st Bonnyrigg (c.late 1940's) . Gibb Christie back row right.
1st Bonnyrigg Boys Brigade


1st Bonnyrigg Boys Brigade - Gibb Christie Front centre.

Info gathered from Facebook post in "old - midlothian" :

Back Row from left "Spanky Brown",Jim McArthur,Willie Briggs,Nat Fisher,Willie Finlay,Brewis Learmouth,Monty Thomson,? Billie Durie,Malcolm McLaren.......
Middle Row Sandy Thomson,Tommy Thomson,Jimmy Dodds, Rob Simpson,Tommy Grey,? Renwick,Bob McVie,John Learmouth ? Brown..........
Front Row Jim Waite, Jimmy Spence,Jack Dickson,Gib Christie, ??, Bill Dalgleish,Charlie Craig Jimmy Oliver...recons this photo is  about 1948 or 49

Mother (Allison) died in 1951 aged 76 (81 Lothian Street, Bonnyrigg) Death registered in Lasswade by John Christie ( Gilbert's Brother)

In 1957 Gilbert Christie handed the charge to Jimmy.W.Reid and that time the 1st Bonnyrigg was re-registed as a town company - attached to all local churches.

 Company Reunion (1983?)


Front Row - L-R
Archie Fleming (Edin Battalion), Keith Leslie , Jimmy Reid , Gilbert Christie, David Stewart. Archie Mason( vice President of South District )

Middle Row - L-R:

?, Bill Armitage, Ross Macrae,?,Jimmy Spence, Bob Tait, Stan Buchanan,

Back Row L-R:

?,?,?,?, Jim Lawson,?,Harry Russel,Malcolm McRitchie, Alec Fairbairn, Jimmy Simpson.



Gilbert Christie died in 1988 aged 75. His death was registered in Dalkeith